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Teaching Is Like…(My Top 9 Analogies)

Tomorrow teachers across Chicago will pick up their picket signs and march through the city in a “Day of Action” to demand equal funding for Chicago schools and a fair contract for CPS teachers. I support CPS teachers for the hard work they do each day. In solidarity, I offer you this (hopefully funny) look at the job of a teacher.

Teaching Is Like (My Top 9 Analogies)

1. Teaching is like being at the grocery store with your child while they throw a tantrum. But instead of strangers walking by, your boss is standing next to you, watching. Also, she is scoring you for how you de-escalate the situation. That score will be 25% of your 360 evaluation.

2. Teaching is like being told by your boss that you have to give a huge presentation to the company’s most important clients. The presentation is all day, so you will not have paid work time to prepare for the presentation. Also, you eat breakfast and lunch with the clients. 

3. Taking a sick day while teaching is like working a double shift so that you can get a shift off the next day.

4. Teaching is like winning an incredible case for your law firm, and as a bonus for your hard work, getting a pizza lunch.

5. Teaching is like getting hired at a new job, only to find out that you are responsible for providing your materials, writing your own work manual, and becoming an expert in your field. Also, while you’re doing that can you keep an eye on thirty 7-year-olds?

6. Teaching is like showing up to work in your professional attire to inspire…then finding yourself an hour later on hands and knees, cleaning up someone else’s vomit.

7. Teaching is like being hired for your expertise in biology, but finding out that part of your evaluation will be based on your interior decorating of your laboratory. Extra points for good handwriting.

8. Teaching is like only working ten months a year. Unless you count the two months you spend planning for those ten months.

9. Teaching is like doing the most important job, every day.

Chicago teachers, I support you tomorrow and I support you every other day, too. Thank you for taking a stand not only for the teaching profession, but also for our students, our schools, and our city.

P.S. If you’d like to join me, feel free to share you own #teachingislike in the comments below or on twitter. Tag me @teachreadmom

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